herb.jpg Krakow is Poland's prime tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The place has been settled since the Stone Age. In 1038 Krakow became the capital of Poland. Polish monarchs took up residence in its Wawel Royal Castle and they were both crowned and buried here, in the Wawel Cathedral. The place not only overflows with priceless art treasures, architectural beauties, relics of the past and curiosities. It is also full of glory, magic, history and fable.

rynek.jpg Krakow's Old Town historical district is the medieval city established in 1257. It is characterized by the well preserved original grid of streets with huge central Rynek Główny (Grand Square), Europe's largest in the Middle Ages, that is now the heart of the city.

teatr-slowackiego.jpg Nowadays Krakow is nearly a milion city with about 180 thousand od students. Krakow is called cultural capital of Poland. It is a city of churches, museums, theatres, galleries, universities etc. Krakow is also the city of pope John Paul II.

Guided Tours

CEE-SET participants are encouraged to use the opportunity to visit Krakow. We recommend guided tours offered by the SeeKrakow company.

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Krakow is equipped with the International Airport Krakow Balice, situated 11 km west of the city. There are 3 options to reach the center: bus service from the airport to the city center (a cheap 192 service - 1 Euro, runs every 20 minutes, journey time is approx. 30 minutes), a train service connecting the airport with the main railway station in the center (also cheap 1-2 Euros, runs every 30 minutes, journey time is approx. 15 minutes) and taxi service (fare to the center approximately 20 Euros).

The Krakow Balice Airport offers airplane connections with many major cities in Europe and with some major towns oversees (timetable).

To go to Krakow, you can also fly to Warsaw, from where you can easily reach Krakow by a domestic flight (journey time less than an hour) or by an express train (2.5 hours, services almost every hour during the day).


Krakow also has direct railway links with Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest (from June to August trains also run to Varna), Hamburg, Kiev, Lviv, Prague, Vienna, Żilina.


There are also many direct bus links with numerous European cities, such as Eurolines, Intercars, Jordan, Superpol. The bus/coach station is located on Wita Stwosza Square (east side of the railway station) and at Cystersów Street 15 (for some domestic links). More information can be found here.

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